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Get Younger as you continue Celebrating Birthdays!

Want to turn back your biological clock in your 40's, 50's 60's, 70's and even older? Do you want to lose that roll around your middle? Think you are destined to fall apart as you age? How about feeling energetic and sleeping better?

Amazing in the Second Half is a practical guide to balance the mind, body and spirit. Learn the secrets to weight loss, increase energy and better sleep through the simple steps thoughtfully outlined. There is no calorie counting and cheating is allowed!

Wake up every day looking forward to your next birthday and never have to lie about your age again. You'll be shouting your age from the rooftops because no one will believe you!

Amazing in the Second Half offers sage advice not only for keeping you in your skinny jeans but also enjoying radiant health and happiness. You'll learn to nurture yourself and find the path to becoming the best version of yourself, It's time to take charge of your health, and it's super easy with these bite-sized portions of wisdom.

"A compassionate, easy to follow road map to a healthier body, mind and spirit. Jan Rodenfels is living proof it works!" ~ Dr. Nick Baird, CEO US Healthiest 

"Jan Rodenfels has served up a generous portion of wisdom for this wild adventure we call life." ~ Jack and Suzi Hanna, co-hosts of Jack Hanna's Into the Wild

"Reading Amazing in the Second Half is the best way to make it the best half of your life. Never has common sense made such a monumental difference." ~ Howard Lyman, author of Mad Cowboy
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